PurePuff by VOA Beauty

VOA Beauty

The PurePuff by VOA Beauty is ideal for applying liquid and cream products. A safe and hygienic alternative to cosmetic sponges and brushes, the PurePuff is environmentally conscious and reusable.

Made from medical grade silicon, this cosmetic applicator is perfect for achieving a flawless look when applying cosmetics and an even application when applying creams or serums. n effective and hygienic alternative to using just your fingers, cosmetic sponges or brushes.

Clean up and care is simple and quick. Using a gentle skin cleanser, simply rinse your PurePuff well with lukewarm water and dry off with a clean cloth.

Proper care of your PurePuff will allow for longer use. Replace immediately if there are any signs of abrasion. The PurePuff is for external use only.

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Vendor: VOA Beauty

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