Spornette Prego Nylon Bristle Ceramic Aerated Round Brush Small (1 ½ inch)


This is the smallest of the Prego round brush family. It features a 1 ½ inch diameter ceramic enhanced barrel, a soft foamy grip and a lightweight structure. The ceramic aerated barrel features ionic bristles and heats up when used with a blow dryer, so be careful not to touch the scalp. The 1 ½ inch Prego rounder works best on the shortest hair lengths. The Prego brushes are ideal for creating curls, flips and bangs.

WARNING: Ceramic barrels get very hot when used with a hair dryer or other warm styling tool. Do not touch your face, scalp or hand with a hot barrel as it can easily burn you or the person whose hair you are working on.

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Vendor: Spornette

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