Lioele Perfect Essence Masks


Available in five different varieties.

Lioele Perfect Trouble Clear Essence Mask specifically treats troubled or oily skin. It promotes skin metabolism & blood circulation while keeping the skin moisturized. This Trouble Clear Essence Mask contains organic tea tree oil, an anti-bacterial agent that kills acne-causing bacteria, rice bran extract, which has an anti-dermatitis factor, phaselous radiatus (mung-bean) extract and Portulaca Oleracea will help control oil and even your skin tone. This mask contains no artificial coloring, no fragrance and no alcohol.

Lioele Pore Control Essence Mask is specially formulated with mung-bean extract, Chinese Quince Extract, and Diospyros Kaki (Persimmon) Leaf Extract to help refine clogged pores that may cause pimple. It also contains "tannin" component which is a type of astringent that binds to amino acids and helps reduce pores while moisturizing the skin. This mask is recommended for people with oily skin. The Lioele Pore Control Essence Mask is concentrated with ingredients to help control sebum secretion. It does not contain any artificial coloring or alcohol to help keep your skin clear and oil-free.

Lioele Perfect Brightening Essence Mask is pre-moistened with concentrated arbutin and contains natural complex ingredients such as mulberry, green tea and orange extract which penetrate deep into the skin and effectively brighten dark skin and replenish nutrients. Arbutin and mulberry are natural ingredients for whitening/brightening your skin. The green tea extract will hydrate and moisturize your skin while the orange extract tightens, firms, and tones the skin with its astringent properties. This mask contains no artificial coloring and no alcohol. It will protect your skin from UV rays and keep your skin looking healthy, fresh and radiant.

Lioele Perfect Collagen Essence Mask contains marine collagen and various natural ingredients such as ginko, algae, and mulberry extract to deeply moisturize and supply nutrients to skin to make it soft, supple, and treat aging problems.

Lioele Perfect Soothing Essence Mask contains a high concentration of witch hazel, chamomile, pomegranate and ginkgo leaf extract to provide plentiful nutrition and moisture to skin. It is the perfect mask to recharge and revitalize your fatigued, rough and exhausted skin. It promotes skin metabolism and blood circulation to keep your skin refresh and rejuvenated.

Vendor: Lioele

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