Airbrush Sponge


What It Is:
A makeup application sponge for expert precision.

How it Works
The Airbrush Sponge flawlessly applies liquid foundation to skin. This reusable sponge is easy to wield and even easier to clean. The rounded tip facilitates seamless, even application of makeup on face and neck. It features a pointed end for extra definition and reaching small corners, and a fuller end for curves and crevices.

How to Use
Break out your foundation, concealer, BB, or CC cream. Wet sponge with water and squeeze out excess. Using the rounded end of the sponge, apply to face and blend into skin with a tapping motion to distribute evenly. Switch to the pointed tip for the under eye area, around the nose, and any other hard-to-reach spots.

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Vendor: Brushlove

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