How-to: Remove Waterproof Makeup

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We have all been there: wanting your makeup to last hours and choosing a waterproof formula that lasts longer just to find yourself scrubbing like crazy before going to bed. In that particular moment we start questioning ourselves.

It is definitely true that a lip stain requires almost zero touch ups and waterproof mascara can curl your lashes way better than the regular formula, but when it comes to whipping it off the hassle begins. You are in a love-hate relationship with the long lasting formulas, of course you don’t want to touch up 1,000 times a day but at nights you are definitely not feeling like spending 30 minutes just to take half of your makeup off.

Fortunately for you we’ve found the best way to breakup with your makeup. You’ll only need to grab cotton pads, q-tips and coconut oil. Moist the cotton pads with the coconut oil and apply it on the desired area pressing down firmly yet gently as you don’t want to cause stress on your face. Then gently with a few swipes remove the product from your skin and use the q-tips for any hard to reach areas. How do you remove your makeup? Please let us know in the comments section below.

August 22, 2014

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Master Flawless Makeup

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If you are a human being most likely you are not perfect, and neither is your skin. The good news is that none said you can't fake perfect, flawless skin. Having a good skin care routine will help you achieve a healthy looking skin but that takes time. Using face mask and creams will protect your skin and repair past damage. But if you are like most people you want flawless skin and you want it now. 


Luckily for you face primers can help your skin look flawless, they help reduce the look of pores and fine lines and also they prevent your foundation from looking caked. Face Primers also help your makeup stay on longer so you won't have to worry about retouching throughout the day. Use it on your lips to make your lipstick last for more hours. No bloating sheets? No problem! Apply primer on your shine areas and you are good to go! 
You now know some of the benefits of using a face primers, but how do you use them?
After you clean and moisturize your face, apply a pea size amount of your primer paying special attention underneath your eyes as this will help you apply your concealer evenly. Then proceed to apply your makeup as usual. 
Do you use a face primer? Let us know in the comments section below.