The Best Blow Drying Tutorials

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge! We all want salon results at home as we might not have the time or money every week to get our hair done. We’ve done some research and found the best blow drying tutorials around the globe and we would like to make your life easier by sharing them with you. All you'll need is a blow dryer and a good hair brush.

How to Blow Dry Frizzy/ Curly Hair

If you’ve been fighting against frizz this tutorial is right for you. Carli teach us all her tricks to get a beautiful long mane. Click Here to watch Carli Bybel's tutorial


How to: Blow Dry Straight Hair with Volume




Leyla from Luxy Hair teaches us how to blow dry straight hair with volume. Watch & learn the few tips and techniques in order to have lots of volume in your hair.This is the brush she used.



How to Straighten Hair without a straightener:

Straightening with a flat iron hair can sometimes harm your hair. Luckily the beautiful Kayleigh gives us a step by step guide on how to straighten hair without a straightener.

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5 Celeb Hair Tricks for the Perfect Look

Celebs around the globe are constantly envied for their gorgeous locks. While they might have personal hair stylist at their service almost 24/7 some of the tricks to achieve celeb-like hair are totally doable at home. Here are 5 super easy tricks that will make you look like you are about to walk the red carpet.
Rex Features

Flat Hair is definitely not sexy. To add volume and fullness to your hair roll it in the opposite direction from the way you usually part it. Try the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers, that are developed with advanced technology in each roller, so that every strand of hair will have volume, shape, movement and shine – the formula for beautiful, professional styling.
For those days when you wake up in need of a makeover but don't want to do anything drastic try switching your hair part will make a big difference in the way your hair looks without any commitments. Use a rat tail comb for a precise line.  
If you are more on the lazy side (like every single day) a good hair brush will save your locks, Drew swears by her Mason Pearson Brush: I would die without my Mason Pearson. I never do anything with my hair except for brush it out, and hope for the best."
W Magazine
Mila Kunis' hair is all we've ever dreamed of, so voluminous that it makes us jelly. Volume is the key for a glorious blowout: use a large round brush and lift your hair at the crown allowing hair to cool on the brush to create fullness.

In a hurry? A bun is the easiest way to look polished in little to no time. Try our 30 seconds bun tutorial for an effortlessly chic style. 
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